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The word of mouth

 We often heard in life that “The pen is mightier than the sword”. Yes, this is true but we never wonder about the authenticity of the
work written by the pen. That’s simply because we were never taught to question the same.

Today I just had this argument with myself after watching the movie Baar baar Dekho. What’s said by the critics and people around me
gave me an impression about that movie was that it’s not worth anyone’s time to devote in such kind of movie and I was following the
same rule taught to me “Not to question the authenticity”, unless and until one old friend of mine suggested that I should watch the
movie and decide by myself instead of blindly following the word of mouth. Still I was not convinced because it’s easy to be with the majority
then to take a stand. There are so many simple things in life we choose to ignore, so many rituals blindly followed that we didn’t even have the
courage to question that!
Why is that? Why are we the way we are?
Maybe because that’s what is taught to us. The simple rules of life, to become somebody we are not. To achieve the targets and move forward and
we never question the authenticity.

To begin with, it was important to tell you the thoughts that passed my mind when I saw the movie. My perceptive of the movie might not be the
best but somewhere deep down this movie had so much little things to teach and that should at least pass through your mind also, even if you
don’t agree or follow them in life. From day one of your life you are taught to chase your dreams, excel in exam or your parents will cancel your
outing for weekend. Learn sports or your classmates will not be your friends. Growing in all these surroundings your mind starts to become like
the one around you. The only thing that matters to you is success and after spending first 20-25 years of yours in this surrounding what you came
out with is a emotionless person whose only goal is to get 6 digit pay scale with five days of working and the so called luxuries of life which you are
mistaken to think can give you satisfaction. Life is not about the past or future, life is this moment of yours. Don’t waste it thinking about creating
a better future, because if you are doing that then you are already spoiling your future. Having a million dollar at the age of 45 and having no one
at your side who actually cares for you might not seem a wrong option at this time but at the end of the life what matters is those people.

What I will suggest you people is to do watch this movie and try to learn the things those are there to learn, not all the movies are there
to entertain you but when you get one such you should take advantage of it and do share what you think about the same .

  Baar baar toh nai but still ek baar to dekho for the message it has to give .


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Life that was ! ! !

"Good afternoon, This person who left us with the bag full of memories is my friend Ashish Chhabra . " This is how i want my friends to say  the eulogy to be read at my funeral.  I know its crazy to talk about something like this , but everybody have a dream about how they want to be remembered after they are gone . They work for their whole life to make an impression on the world who will remember them after their departure and this is the reason i want people to say my eulogy in this mentioned way. I want to leave an impression in such a way that even if my friends say a single sentence on the final day , the tear drops should be followed  by the sentence "he was such an idiot" . I want  my seniors to say "yes he was such a pain in the Ass ", he was always upto something and use to challenge every rule " many of my seniors would agree with this point i hope. (Saurav, ankit , minakshi di, pankaj bhaiya) . I want my dearest people to cherish the moment…