Thursday, August 6, 2015


Kyu milte hai log bichdne ke liye,
Kyu hoti hai aashiqui dil tutne ke liye .
Yu toh jindagi gujar dete tere sath,
Fir kyu hoti hai adhuri kahaniya tanha rehne ke liye.

Naina :-No randeep this is not the first time we are having this conversation! I think we both are wasting our time. We should stop looking each other. maybe we are not destined to be together or maybe you don't want us to be together. This girl will never lie. She told me that you proposed her .Why the hell i was wasting time on you.

Randeep :- At least give me a chance to say something?
Naina :- No! this is it and i don't want you in my life , that's final .I am leaving for Delhi tonight and this is the last conversation we had for the rest of the life.BYE.

How often we came into Situations like this? Well I have seen many cases where the only thing that is lacking in the relationship is lack of proper Communication. Many a time it happens that " we should have talked about the things with each other rather than sharing it with other people" concept have proven to be the best option and mainly the main regret after having the fight.
Here I don't know whether Randeep is at fault or not but Naina's Decision to leave him without giving him a chance to explain ruined the relationship.

Maybe randeep was not the defaulter.
Maybe it was the other girl who was cheating.
Maybe this relationship was over because of over possessiveness  of Naina or maybe is was Randeep who was culprit , But one thing is sure that we will never know the real fact as she choose to leave without having a proper conversation.
I am a nobody to comment on their issue but I would love to share the things I noticed about relationships. I want people to know that Trust is the main ingredient of any relationship. It's easy to leave when the path is hard but never leaving the one you love is all about the relationship.
I learned that no matter what happen you should at least give one chance to the other person to explain his/her situation.
Most of the time we don't realize the Importance of Communication but the little things in life make it large.

Think twice , act wise! :-)

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Life that was ! ! !

"Good afternoon, This person who left us with the bag full of memories is my friend Ashish Chhabra . "
This is how i want my friends to say  the eulogy to be read at my funeral. 
I know its crazy to talk about something like this , but everybody have a dream about how they want to be remembered after they are gone . They work for their whole life to make an impression on the world who will remember them after their departure and this is the reason i want people to say my eulogy in this mentioned way. I want to leave an impression in such a way that even if my friends say a single sentence on the final day , the tear drops should be followed  by the sentence "he was such an idiot" . I want  my seniors to say "yes he was such a pain in the Ass ", he was always upto something and use to challenge every rule " many of my seniors would agree with this point i hope. (Saurav, ankit , minakshi di, pankaj bhaiya) . I want my dearest people to cherish the moment which we enjoyed , be it be a tour , a picnic or a small day out. I want them to remember me for the jokes we shared and the sorrows we discussed. 
I want them to say " now with whom i'll share those secrets which are only known to you".
I know its destined that those who came has to leave one day but i want them to remember always that yes a stupid was their at some point of time in their life. It is said that your juniors work on your path, i want them to walk the streets with happiness and live life like there will be no tomorrow. 
These are some of the imprints i want to leave behind me . These are some of the stories i want them to share after me. I may not be the perfect guy for the people around , but these are the qualities i want to be remembered after me .
We often work for our better tomorrow , but we often forget to live for today! What if this is the last blog of my life?
What if there is no tommorow for me! 

Think about it and do share the way you want yourself to be remembered ! 

Monday, August 3, 2015

The remaining 95%.

"He is lucky" exclaimed anirudh, having a healthy conversation just after the results were declared. Anirudh stated that arnab always get better marks then him because of his luck. I and arnab study the same thing , take the same tuitions and the solve the same test papers but every time he gets a huge lead .This is a routine cry of anirudh supporting his failure to take over arnab. Often we came across these type of situations . Sometimes we are the part of this conversations , sometimes we just listen, but the one thing you will observe during these chats is that if you are the part of the conversation then you might believe that "Anirudh is right" keeping yourself in his position but as soon as you are the other part of the story .ie "Arnab to the story" you feel Irritated because you worked really hard to compete and after winning all the credit is going to your luck! isn't it?

This was just  a normal incidence I thought of sharing .I was just going through this blog ( ) and it is very nicely stated the difference between Mr Abdul Kalam and the rest of the scientist or Sachin tendulkar  and rest of the team!
Now what are the points which  makes the 5 % percent of the world's most amazing personalities different from the rest of it. Lets discuss them one by one and would love to get the feedback about whether  you agree or disagree with my observations .

1) Most successful people wake up early in the morning and go back late at night.!
Because their passion of doing things dont let them sleep. the more they study/reserch the more they want to know and explore.

2) At least 25 minutes  of  workout/meditation!
This Gives the Mind/body energy to work for the rest of the day.

3)Short term Plans or Goals!
Having a plan of short tenure will give you boost up to work more. A big work when executed in small segments can give better and quick result .So, Plan your day well in the advance.

4)Do what you love!
Because when you do the thing you love , you explore more then required and that keeps you engaged .

5)Proper Diet!
This might seem useless but the food you eat affects your whole day rotine. It was mentioned somewhere that "Have Breakfast like King , Lunch like a Queen and Dinner like a beggar ".

Now these are some of the most common point .the thing  would like to explain was success is not just the matter of like , it  is a mixture of hard work followed by a proper routine and dedication. Rome was not build in a day and same is applied for success , you need to follow the routine wihtout failure and it is then only you see the result.

Meri  mehnat ko kismat ka naam na de, 
meri chahat ko kudrat ka dedaar na keh.
beet jate hai ratien minjil  pane meh,
iss izzat ko kismat ka naam na de.


Sunday, August 2, 2015

The lost Childhood !

One of the best part of our life is the Childhood. The Innocence and purity at heart makes us feel good.
It often happens when you return from tiring day and you spend few moments with a kid you feel good.
It is always heartwarming to see your kid running towards you as soon as you enter the house ,but today's generation is changing . I won't blame the parents for the change but yes things are indeed changing.
Today you go anywhere you can see a toddler holding an I pad or Mobile . Most of the things they do are on the mobile and iPods'. Now many of you will argue that the technology is the need of the time.
With fast changing technology one definitely need to upgrade their child so that he knows everything.
True, but how will you justify the Innocence which is killed by the technology?
How will you justify the time which was supposed to be the happy dinner time is your Childs favorite time to challenge their friend for online games.?
Even if they are on the table their minds are on the likes they got just before joining for the table.
Maybe its not only their falut.
Sometimes the parents lure them with providing such things at the cost of doing some work.
Sometimes we give them mobile just to make some time for ourselves .
Sometimes we switch on the tv set so that they get engaged to it and we can get some free time.

But have you ever wondered what will all these things do to them?

Well, here are some things which the previous generation were blessed to ave which they wont be able to have :-

1) We use to enjoy waking up early on a summer holiday to play cricket while they remain busy on net till midnight.

2) We use to run whole day  even if for household work while they will get obsess while sitting in front of the laptop.

3) we knew the value for money as we use to get  a candy after being good for the whole day while they will become stubborn as they will get what they want as an when asked for .

Now I can go on for such difference but the thing we need to understand is that all these points will affect your children's  future. Maybe he'll be the best technology geek but he won't understand the value of family. Gadgets can't be someone's best friend or family. I agree that technology is mandatory but for present generation we need extra care while providing the options.

Kaha gaye woh jindagi ke pal jab hum chote hua karte the,
Khilono ke chahat me hum din bhar roya karte the.
Aaj kal bin mange mil jate hai Ipad aur Mobile,
Hum toh ek chocolate ke liye bhi dadi maa ki sifarish laga ke soya karte the.

Zindagi meh riiston ki door sanjoya karte the,
jab jate the maidaano meh toh khub dora karte the.
Ab toh social network pe hi Riste nate hote hai,
pehle jaise dost ke ghar pe hum soya karte the.

Kya khoob tha yaaron ka yuh aakar subhe jagana,
pehle Mummy ko fir papa ko jagana.
aur ab toh raatonn ko bhi yeh Online hi soya karte hai,
Dosti ke mayne bhi facebook se sanjoya karte hai.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

An Unanswered call !

Often in life we get so indulged in activities that we forget about the Purpose of Life.

The fear of tomorrow has killed our today in many ways. I have often seen people making plans of doing things once they achieve some target and most of the time we fail to enjoy the tiny moments of life.

 We forget the Joy .Life s not an Unanswered call. Life is a call which we should take with joy and happiness inside us.
This is a Long gap since I wrote my last blog but it's never late to start afresh.
This topic has came into my mind from the incidence that happened to one of my dear friend and that lead me to write and share.
 It was 8:30 pm in the night and as usual I was having dinner when Suddenly I got a call from one of my friend  stating that her brother is not receiving the call past 2 Hours and the whole family was panicking.
Everyone at this end was forcing their mind to think as much negative as it could .While repetitive attempt was being made but with every unanswered call ,the level of tension was increasing.
I suggested calling one of his colleague or roommate to confirm his last status. 
Finally after Half an hour of this search operation we got in touch with her bothers roommate who in turn confirmed that his brother slept earlier today and the phone was in silent mode .

Now  this incidence has lead me to think over few very important  things.

Starting with the parents who were miles away from their child were so worried over the unanswered call .

Why this happened?
Why we always think negative in such situations ?
Why they thought of all the wrong things that could have happened to him.
Maybe if they would have positive mindset and relaxed then it would have taken less time to know the fact. 
Moving on to the careless attitude of her brother, maybe not careless but if wouldn't have kept his phone on silent , this whole incidence would have been avoided.

The things I learned is that people who care for you are over sensitive and you should always keep this in mind. The present era is so much Habituated to the technology that a single Unanswered call can create such a Hoax .It reminds me of the early ages , what when we use to send letters to people sitting miles away and would wait for days to get the reply, maybe those days were much better , maybe that time was more comfortable .People in those time would be more relaxed and had much more calmed  approach towards life and maybe they were Enjoying their lives more than today's generation.

 "Yu Zindagi ki kashmakas meh Kho kar reh gaya hai Insaan .
Jinda rehkar bhi na jane kaha kho gaya hai Insaan.
Jariye bahut hai milne ke logo se aajkal,
fir bhi iss bheed meh tanha ho gaya hai Insaan."