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Kyu milte hai log bichdne ke liye,
Kyu hoti hai aashiqui dil tutne ke liye .
Yu toh jindagi gujar dete tere sath,
Fir kyu hoti hai adhuri kahaniya tanha rehne ke liye.

Naina :-No randeep this is not the first time we are having this conversation! I think we both are wasting our time. We should stop looking each other. maybe we are not destined to be together or maybe you don't want us to be together. This girl will never lie. She told me that you proposed her .Why the hell i was wasting time on you.

Randeep :- At least give me a chance to say something?
Naina :- No! this is it and i don't want you in my life , that's final .I am leaving for Delhi tonight and this is the last conversation we had for the rest of the life.BYE.

How often we came into Situations like this? Well I have seen many cases where the only thing that is lacking in the relationship is lack of proper Communication. Many a time it happens that " we should have talked about the things with each other rather than sharing it with other people" concept have proven to be the best option and mainly the main regret after having the fight.
Here I don't know whether Randeep is at fault or not but Naina's Decision to leave him without giving him a chance to explain ruined the relationship.

Maybe randeep was not the defaulter.
Maybe it was the other girl who was cheating.
Maybe this relationship was over because of over possessiveness  of Naina or maybe is was Randeep who was culprit , But one thing is sure that we will never know the real fact as she choose to leave without having a proper conversation.
I am a nobody to comment on their issue but I would love to share the things I noticed about relationships. I want people to know that Trust is the main ingredient of any relationship. It's easy to leave when the path is hard but never leaving the one you love is all about the relationship.
I learned that no matter what happen you should at least give one chance to the other person to explain his/her situation.
Most of the time we don't realize the Importance of Communication but the little things in life make it large.

Think twice , act wise! :-)


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