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The remaining 95%.

"He is lucky" exclaimed anirudh, having a healthy conversation just after the results were declared. Anirudh stated that arnab always get better marks then him because of his luck. I and arnab study the same thing , take the same tuitions and the solve the same test papers but every time he gets a huge lead .This is a routine cry of anirudh supporting his failure to take over arnab. Often we came across these type of situations . Sometimes we are the part of this conversations , sometimes we just listen, but the one thing you will observe during these chats is that if you are the part of the conversation then you might believe that "Anirudh is right" keeping yourself in his position but as soon as you are the other part of the story .ie "Arnab to the story" you feel Irritated because you worked really hard to compete and after winning all the credit is going to your luck! isn't it?

This was just  a normal incidence I thought of sharing .I was just going through this blog ( ) and it is very nicely stated the difference between Mr Abdul Kalam and the rest of the scientist or Sachin tendulkar  and rest of the team!
Now what are the points which  makes the 5 % percent of the world's most amazing personalities different from the rest of it. Lets discuss them one by one and would love to get the feedback about whether  you agree or disagree with my observations .

1) Most successful people wake up early in the morning and go back late at night.!
Because their passion of doing things dont let them sleep. the more they study/reserch the more they want to know and explore.

2) At least 25 minutes  of  workout/meditation!
This Gives the Mind/body energy to work for the rest of the day.

3)Short term Plans or Goals!
Having a plan of short tenure will give you boost up to work more. A big work when executed in small segments can give better and quick result .So, Plan your day well in the advance.

4)Do what you love!
Because when you do the thing you love , you explore more then required and that keeps you engaged .

5)Proper Diet!
This might seem useless but the food you eat affects your whole day rotine. It was mentioned somewhere that "Have Breakfast like King , Lunch like a Queen and Dinner like a beggar ".

Now these are some of the most common point .the thing  would like to explain was success is not just the matter of like , it  is a mixture of hard work followed by a proper routine and dedication. Rome was not build in a day and same is applied for success , you need to follow the routine wihtout failure and it is then only you see the result.

Meri  mehnat ko kismat ka naam na de, 
meri chahat ko kudrat ka dedaar na keh.
beet jate hai ratien minjil  pane meh,
iss izzat ko kismat ka naam na de.



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"Good afternoon, This person who left us with the bag full of memories is my friend Ashish Chhabra . " This is how i want my friends to say  the eulogy to be read at my funeral.  I know its crazy to talk about something like this , but everybody have a dream about how they want to be remembered after they are gone . They work for their whole life to make an impression on the world who will remember them after their departure and this is the reason i want people to say my eulogy in this mentioned way. I want to leave an impression in such a way that even if my friends say a single sentence on the final day , the tear drops should be followed  by the sentence "he was such an idiot" . I want  my seniors to say "yes he was such a pain in the Ass ", he was always upto something and use to challenge every rule " many of my seniors would agree with this point i hope. (Saurav, ankit , minakshi di, pankaj bhaiya) . I want my dearest people to cherish the moment…