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"Are you kidding , its not my cup of tea " I Can't do it !

Got a call last week from my friend Arun's office..was informed that I have to show up at their office on monday morning SHARP at 10 in the morning.
Monday morning : The time is 10:15 am (15 mins late is kind of being on time i guess ! )
A sweet and beautiful receptionist came to me and said "Sir you are late! the meeting has commenced and now you have to wait till you are called inside" 
I: ok! :-)
I was waiting for Arun (my friend, who works at some good designation here) to Come.
I was able to see the whole office from the Waiting room. People were busy with their pc's, Files & documents ,deadlines ,phone calls ,everything at a TIME.. pheww...
So much to do !  The only thought passing through my mind was how do they do it, I mean so much at a time and there is no place for errors and mistakes.. a small mistake and things get screwed up
"Are you kidding , its not my cup of tea " I Can't do it !
Excuse me Sir!, Arun sir has called you!
As that sweet voice fell into my ears I came back to my senses, " Sure, where is Arun"
He is waiting for you in the Conference Hall, "OK".
I headed towards the Hall, 
Just as I Entered, I saw a Crowd of Professionals Waiting,
Without giving me a single minute to think what was going on , Arun Introduced me to them, saying
"Here is the guy we were just discussing about, AKASH!"
 And I was Welcomed by everyone. 
I was looking at my friend in a Puzzled way? "what the Crap is going on, will you explain to me?? with the confused  look!" 
I'll explain you the matter later , he replied in the same manner!
Soon everybody left and Finally I went to Arun , flooding him with numerous Questions 
What the Hell are you doing ? 
How do they know me ?
What were you discussing with them regarding me ?
You haven't even informed me anything? will you explain what's going on here ?
Stop Stop Akash , HOLD ONN , calm down , let me explain everything ,
Actually we are planning to start a new project in the Southern side of the city and want U to head it ,its as simple as that, u just have to manage the team and promote the work !
Manage the WHAT ?  you are being nuts !
 You mean I have to work like Mr. Malhotra(The Director),
 Arun u have lost your senses, I mean how can I do it, I have no idea , I saw Mr. Malhotra working behind that apple screen continuously, dealing with people, managing the resources, And I don't even know how to operate that software!!
Akash Akash Calm down, there is nothing which a person can't do in this world , Mr Malhotra would also have not known this before , he tried and did it , you are looking from behind the Screen !
At-least Give it a Try!
Arun Convinced me as usual , the project started and Gradually I had all the command on the work which seemed impossible to me once !
Generally what happens is we 'Underestimate' ourselves and seeing people doing their work so efficiently makes us cautious , which is again a normal human behaviour , but no work is hard , nothing is impossible..... 
just remember "If they can why can't we, and if we can then anybody can "
Believe in yourself and no work in the world is what you can't do!
All I want to say is never underestimate urself , You might Fall while trying but Falling  doesn't lead to failing until you give up on it..                       



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