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The Knocking Past

"Sunh Ranha hai na tu roo raha hu mai " .
This Rhyme is on the head of all the people Struggling with  Hard Past and trying to recollect the Memories happened in the flash back,
I have many friends who saw this latest flick 'Aashiqui 2' which has created quite a buzz in past few days.
All of them came with a common review or summary, Describing that you will miss your ex after watching it ... you will fall in love Again!
The only question arising in my mind was Why Again ?
Why Do some Incidence has to remind you that you still love someone?
Why is that a romantic or sad flick reminds you of an unsuccessful story happened in past?
Is there no way out to this so called 'Past' ?
Well I still Don't have Answers to these Questions but life won't go on like this,
Time changes, feeling changes, people changes,
With time comes responsibility, maturity, politeness ..
Does it mean that now those chapters are not as  important to you as they were before  , Does it mean that the knocking past doesn't has effect on us !?
Surrounded with so many queries, I am confused for the conclusion but the only thing which is confirmed is that even if its not erased ,even if the memories seems fade ,Its still there !
The only thing is you can't carry on with it , so we move on and accept the situation that arises !
life is too short to think again , Let it go.,
Be it with you or without you ,
stop thinking for this moment as it won't come back !
and for once ignore that knock from past and stop relating the incidence with past
instead connect it with present to create it now ! as you live in present (how).
Smile and make people Smile , that really makes difference !
for once give your friends sweet memories those are with you right now ,
for once treat people with whom you are surrounded right at this very moment ,
~go with the flow and keep up with the good work , re-live it , reacquire your energy , give rebirth to your soul,                                                       Awake ! Arise ! Acquire !


  1. chabbree awsm yr... kahn se copy paste krta h tu ye sb?? :p

    1. Copy ni karta ,khud likhta Hu ;)

    2. Awesome....:)


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